Camp to Belong Indiana

Our Mission

At Camp To Belong we believe that all kids deserve the opportunity to spend meaningful time with their brothers and sisters and we are dedicated to helping make that happen for kids living in foster care.

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Our Impact

Today approximately 400,000 youth are in out-of-home foster care and roughly 70% of those youth are also separated from their siblings. With constant changes in adult figures and a lack of support system in their life, youth in foster care need to be given time to spend with their siblings to form strong bonds and have just a little bit of “normalcy” in their lives.

Camp To Belong helps to fill that void through its intentional programming delivered through Signature Events during the week of camp. Through its Signature Event programming, Camp to Belong works to strengthen the sibling relationship by providing youth with a place to connect, create memories, and normalize the experiences of placement into foster care.


There are roughly 400,000 youth in foster care in the US this year.



About 300,000 youth have siblings also in foster care.



Over 150,000 of the youth in foster care are separated from siblings


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Camp to Belong is not possible without volunteers and donors. We rely almost entirely on the generosity of others to make camp possible. Whether it be through time, talent, or donation, all support is greatly appreciated and vital for our camps success. Read below to learn more about the different ways one can get involved with Camp To Belong Indiana.


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